introducing the next great expert marketplace is onchain

Today we’re announcing our public beta launch of

Lunchbreak is our newest socialFi app built on Base. Lunchbreak is the first socialFi app that’s also an expert and influencer marketplace. You can reach anyone and get paid for replying to messages or hopping on calls on Lunchbreak and also support your favorite colleagues, friends, and influencers.

lunchbreak screens (mock data)

Lunchbreak smart contracts are also fully audited by Trust Security.

I first got interested in decentralized social when I first used Balajis Srinivasan’s app in 2017/2018. I was working on a AI developer tool at the time and wanted to get in touch with Martin Casado at a16z who was writing and working on the evolution of network infrastructure in enterprise. Being super young at the time (23) and having limited connections I used and used my bitcoin balance to get an instant reply from Martin which we then chatted on call, and was invited to present at the a16z office in Menlo Park.

Of course, cold outreach could have worked, and playing the warm intro game is often better as there’s better signal value in a mutual making the intro, but when something is time-sensitive, breaking out of the noise and getting instant contact was infinitely better.

Flash forward 7-8 years we’re building 2.0. Balajis Srinivasan is one of our investors and I couldn’t be more excited to built the next evolution of this idea. With the rise of LLMs and AI we’re now living in a world with infinitely more noise than ever before. Endless spam, spoofing, phishing, and noise is happening in everyone’s inbox, phone, and DMs.

Setting bounties and having reputation onchain will be the only way to fight this problem that will only get worse over time.

My cofounder borodutch / Nikita has tons of experience fighting spam (and probably creating spam too but I can neither confirm nor deny this) - as he’s built Shiedly bot priorly on Telegram which was the #1 spam fighting bot that was used by over 20 million people and acquired by 1inch.

So what’s Lunchbreak?

Lunchbreak is a socialfi app or in simpler terms a social network and expert marketplace. You can set a bounty for replying to messages or hopping on calls, and also earn money from people buying/selling tradeable passes to your inbox.

Lunchbreak is also the first socialFi app with onchain revenue share and paid escrow - where users can safely deposit money to get replies, hop on calls, or accomplish projects and only complete the transaction once the counterparty completes the action within a time frame (currently seven days).

On chain rev share also rewards users not only in Lunch points but directly shares revenue to users that invite people that spend or earn money on Lunchbreak. Lunch is better shared - and on Lunchbreak all revshare comes from Lunchbreak’s direct cut of fees.

But Lunchbreak isn't just about charging for your time. It's about supporting each other's potential.

Betting on People, Not Just Ideas

On Lunchbreak, every user's profile is their own "lunch table," their visible network of supporters.

When you buy a "seat" at someone's table, you automatically get lifetime access to their inbox. But it means way more than the access granted; it signals your trust in their future potential to grow and progress. If they become the next big thing in their industry, the value of their seats goes up, and so does the value of your endorsement.

The seat feature is build on smart contract; all prices are regulated by a bonding curve and visible to the public.

This isn't just networking; it's community-building with skin in the game. You can stake your reputation and $ on colleagues, friends, and influencers that matter to you.

RevShare + PointShare

Lunchbreak is the first socialFi app to introduce on chain rev share. Lunchbreak takes a 10% platform fee for seat trades and calls/messages booked. For seat trading - 90% of the seat price gets put into the bonding curve/liquidity pool, 5% gets paid to creators, and up to 4% of seat price is reserved for revshare with referrals.

For calls/messages booked, Lunchbreak takes a 10% platform fee but we reserve up to 40% of the platform fee for referrals. Referral cuts are always from the Lunchbreak side and never from the creator side.

The exact breakdown is:

  • 2% for seat buys/sells
  • 2% for creator seat price earnings
  • 2% for creator/expert earnings on messages/calls
  • 2% for people that spend money on messages/calls
  • 4% of Points that users you invite earn
  • 2% of Points that users you invite, invite, earn

To activate revshare, you’ll need to buy and hold at least 1 seat of the person you invite through your unique invite code.

We’re also launching with a points program. Earn lunch points by completing actions using the platform or inviting users. We’ll be distributing 100 Million points for the entirety of the points program, with a big emphasis on early users. We’ll be doing weekly drops of points, weighted by your activity, messages, invites, and actions on the platform.

To celebrate our launch, we’re distributing 2 million points, 1 Million $farther, and 500K $higher tokens for activity in the next week and prior to our launch.

lunchbreak rewards

Come take your today.

By Jason, cofounder Lunchbreak (made by Big Whale Labs).